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Have you been looking for the fullest version of Friday Night Funkin? Then here you go! We have prepared the game with a full list of amazing soundtracks included into the game. Now you can enjoy them all and pass all the levels! So, what are you waiting for? The girlfriend’s dad is already here, next door. He will sing the songs like a star and you are going to repeat and sing them even better. This is the coolest rap battle in your life, so get into the game and enjoy now!
As you may know, the game includes four modes to try out. In addition to Dad Battle, there are also Tutorial, Bopeebo, and Fresh. Each of the modes includes its own tracks to sing along. The most popular game tracks are Pico, Philly Nice , Blammed, Satin Panties, High, M.I.L.F, Cocoa, Eggnog, and more. You will find all of them in the list! We have prepared the fullest collection, so you will definitely enjoy singing and dancing along them all Friday night long! Are you ready to get funky? Then try your rapping talent out now. If you play the game for the first time, you may find it hard to follow the rhythm correctly, but with time, you will memorize the melodies and your fingers will start moving better!
Each of the modes has different soundtracks as well as stories. For example, in the most common Dad mode, you are going to stand against the girl’s father. When it comes to Tutorial, you are welcome to improve your skills and test some cool combos. Your fingers will get used to the rhythm and you will understand how to act when the battle starts. Do your best to sharpen your skills and learn to hit the buttons faster – the game will become speedier with time and you must be prepared for such a challenge! Try to earn maximal scores and avoid miss-pushing the buttons. Miss-pushing means that you fail to press the right arrow at the right moment and therefore – you move your opponent closer to the victory. Watch the score bar located at the bottom of the screen – when your character’s icon is pushed right, this is a bad sign! Try to outplay your opponent and be a cool rapper, whether you stand against her dad or a devil himself!

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