For Two

Another exciting version of Friday Night Funkin! This time, you and your buddy have a chance to enjoy this cool rhythm together and compete. Who is the best dancer and singer? Play now, dance along numerous tracks, gather scores, and you will see. So, one of you will play for a well-known blue-haired guy, the main character of the game. The second player will play the role of the angry dad, who is not very inspired by the idea to give his daughter away for a regular guy. However, he doesn’t mind entrusting her to someone cool – prove that you are one showing your skills in dancing and rapping!
As you rap, the arrows of different colors and directions move on the screen. They move from the bottom of the screen and match the words of the song you perform. The task is to press the right buttons when the arrows reach a certain position – this will be pretty clear on your screen. Then the dad will have to rap in response to match the song of the boyfriend. Or vice versa! And this can last infinitely, because the game has numerous rapping samples and cool rhythms to sing along. The most important thing in the game is the right timing – you must press the right buttons at the right moments and this will give you scores. Pass the levels and see which one of you will get more scores! The more precise and sensitive rapper will become a winner, so do your best and let it be you!
The scores will be displayed below near the icons of your characters. The icons appear on the middle of the screen when the rap battle starts. The more successful player’s icon will push the opponent’s one and once it reaches the edge, the pushes player loses. It means that the player doesn’t follow the rhythm rightly and therefore – he cannot continue playing the game. Press the arrows accurately and this will push the icon of your opponent, but if you will miss the move, then your icon is pushed. Try not to miss-click the arrows and keep up with the rhythm of the song!

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85 Stars
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