Friday Night Funkin Mobile

The funkiest night is waiting for you in the game called Friday Night Funkin, a rhythm application for your entertainment. If you are fond of music, rap battles, and cool dances and songs – you will become a fan of the title for sure. What is more, after becoming a real fan, we bet that you won’t be able to stop playing – the game is super-addictive and extremely-engaging. If this is something that has already happened to you, then you have no choice but to carry the impressive rhythm game with your, wherever you are. Put it in your pocket today, because we have prepared a perfect mobile version for you! Are you ready?
The smaller screen of your mobile device is absolutely not a problem for Friday Night Funkin – this version is perfectly-adapted, so no details are lost. Graphics are as great as they were in the desktop version, while the controls are perfect as well. And some players claim them to be even more comfortable than they were in the original version.
The mobile version of Friday Night Funkin encourages you to play for a young man. This evening, he visited his hot and pretty girlfriend, but at some moment an anecdote-like situation happened. They were pretty sure that her parents are away, but the dad came back all of a sudden and entered the room! Well, the pair was grooving at the moment – they listened to cool music and a boyfriend devoted a song to his lady. The party is not interrupted in the traditional meaning of the world – dad is going to join. However, to prove that you are the best boyfriend for his little rose, you are going to rap like never before and show your best moves. The dad is party monster himself – he had a rebellious youth as a rocker. This means that he is ready to start a song battle.
The mobile version encourages you to tap on the screen at the right moment, following the rhythm of the song. You will see the flying arrows like those in the Korean dancing games. Press the right arrow at the right moment and don’t stop singing! The dad will challenge you: he speaks a couple of lines, following a beat. You should repeat the same lines as perfectly as he did it (and maybe you can do that better!). You will switch the roles and only the best rapper will win a struggle of talents. Try yourself in the furious rap battle against your girl’s dad!

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