FNF Character Test Playground Remake 7

Are you an avid FNF player? Then you definitely need to check out this new game! It’s much more than just another Friday Night Funkin mod that merely introduces a new character and a couple of new tracks. Here you will meet all of the heroes that have appeared in every version of the game so far! And you will be able to play as any of them!

Rap till the break of dawn!

Do you remember how the story of FNF started? There was a young guy who fell in love. The girl rather liked him too, but she couldn’t date him because of her dad who would drive off every guy who tried to woe her. They didn’t want to see each other in secret, so the main hero decided to show the severe man he was worthy of his daughter. And since her father used to be a rock start back in the day, he came up with a plan. He would win in a local music contest and show that he was the best candidate for the girl’s hand. Of course that won’t be just a piece of cake because there are many experienced and talented opponents he needs to defeat. Including Daddy Dearest himself! But our hero isn’t afraid of a challenge. So he boldly entered the competition. Whether he will succeed or not depends on you!

The gameplay of FNF is nothing too complicated to figure out – you’ll see arrows showing up on the screen, all pointing in different directions. These are clues telling you which buttons should be pushed next. And you have to do it in time with the music. Keeping up with the rhythm will increase your score while making mistakes will diminish it. At the end of each round, you will have certain results that will be compared with the results of your opponent. The one who scores more points will win. But don’t get upset if you fail to do it at the first attempt. That’s what learning is for! By practicing, you will become more and more music-savvy and your fingers will move more and more deftly around the keyboard.

Play as any FNF character!

In FNF Character Test Playground Remake 7, however, you won’t have to battle against anyone. This game is purely to enjoy yourself by doing music! You will be amazed by the number of characters you can see here. And they are all playable! Aside from Boyfriend, you will also see the whole Girlfriend’s family, all of the rivals from the previous mods and some totally new guys that haven’t set foot on FNF stage yet. As you probably remember from all the mods you’ve already tried, each of them has their special moves and sounds that are perfectly replicated here.

There are any of the songs to choose to your liking, as well as a whole slew of backgrounds other than those you usually observe in Friday Night Funkin. This will totally invigorate your gaming experience and breath some fresh air into the familiar gameplay. Moreover, the track list has also been revamped and you will find plenty of great songs to groove to. After all, this game is about music first and foremost! So if you want to try something new playing FNF, get your hands on this amazing mod and don’t leave until you test all the characters!

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