Friday Night Funkin’ Sarvente’s Mid-Fight

Do you know what is the surest way to win the heart of a beautiful and romantic lady? Of course, sing her a love song! The hero of this awesome game is a young guy who is crazy about two things – the girl he is in love with and music. His cherished dream is to combine them both or at least use one of them to get the sympathy of his beloved. So prepare to go to the night club and show what you’re capable of! Every week you will have a new opponent and the contest will last for three rounds. With each round, your rival will get stronger, so don’t hope to relax! If you demonstrate your outstanding talent, the lady in question will show her good attitude to you. Are you ready?

The whole process of playing Friday Night Funkin’ is simple. You’ll hear a song that starts playing. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see arrows showing in different directions. They will be changing and moving along with the tune. Your task is to follow the rhythm carefully and press the right arrows in time with the beat. If you keep hitting the keys along with the music, you’ll easily score a lot of points. However, missing too often won’t get you very far.

Especially given that there is a new opponent for you to fight against! Her name is Sarvente and don’t be surprised, she is a nun. What is she doing at a place like that, full of lost souls and sinful youth then? That’s the whole point – Sarvente wants to save them and show them the right path. But they won’t go with her willingly. However, they won’t be able to resist a little rap battle with a nun – let’s agree, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! And our heroine is only happy to do it, but with one condition. If she wins, she will take you to the church and read you a sermon! So be as attentive as never before if you don’t want to spend the weekend praying!

Get ready, warm up your fingers and plunge into the fight! Keep your ears sharp, listen to the tune very closely. Try to catch the beat and keep up with it. But note that it can also be changing from time to time, and sometimes rather drastically! It takes practice and intuition to figure out when another melody variation is going to take place. But the more you play the easier it will get for you. Keep improving your sense of rhythm, get a kick out of new amazing songs and discover the many sides of your musical talent in Friday Night Funkin’ Sarvente’s Mid-Fight! And most importantly, impress your girlfriend!

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