Friday Night Funkin Hex Mod

This week, in Friday Night Funkin, you are going to meet a really powerful rival! He is not only a rapper, pretty cool and talented, but also – a basketball player, a person ready for challenges. And the one, who really likes those challenges! Meet Hex, a famous robot from Friday Night Funkin, and get ready to stand against him in a furious battle of rhythms, rhymes, and cool melodies. He is here to challenge you, so don’t miss your chance to show off. The game encourages you to discover a brand new songs list, where the new tracks all related to your rival and his sunny image are present.
The principle of the game in the Hex Mod stays the same as you remember it from the original title. This means that you will find yourself on the rap battlefield, see your Girlfriend sitting on her favorite huge speakers and encouraging you, as well as your rival, Hex, right in front of you. Once the battle starts, the arrows that show different directions will fly on the screen and you must watch them carefully. Press the right arrows on your keyboard – make sure that they coincide with those you see on the screen. The idea is to push the arrows when they reach their points – no earlier, no later. Be precise and make your moves to fit the melody.
Drop a couple of cool lines and enjoy incredible new melodies, including a bonus one – Encore! Your Girlfriend will eagerly support you in the battle and she wants to see you as a winner! You know that she will get disappointed in case you lose to Hex, so do your best and rap like never before. In addition to cool songs and impressive stunts to make, the game also includes a couple of stunning cut scenes – they are animated and look like a cartoon! Enjoy the great atmosphere of Friday Night Funkin with Hex and show that there is no better hip hop master than you are. Play now – the game is free and available online.

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