Friday Night Funkin 3

More songs, more dances, and incredible rhythms are waiting for you in the third part of Friday Night Funkin, an amazing adventure of a young man stuck in a real trouble – he accidentally met his girlfriend’s dad while being at her house! Yes, it was a cozy Friday night, when you came to her place, planning to have a romantic evening and a party for two. However, all of a sudden, her father came back! This is a disaster, you thought. But everything is less nightmarish than it seems – you are not the only one inspired by the Friday flex. The dad seems to be partying, as well. And he is a real fan of music, dancing, and… hip hop! Instead of a conflict or even a fight, you and your girl’s dad start a rap battle. This is a rhythmic competition and only the best rapper will win!
In the third part, you will have a chance to enjoy more cool songs – there is an updated track list here, so feel free to choose those you like. Your task is to push the right buttons along the rhythm of the song. Yes, competing with your girlfriend’s dad is a pain, because it is almost impossible to prove that you are good enough – he will always have doubts about you! Dads have inflated expectations about future husbands for their dear daughters. This thought is a bit cliché, but we all know that it is true (maybe, this is exactly the reason why it became clichéd). This game plays with a cliché in a very witty and funny manner – you have to rap and dance to show how cool you are and this will definitely melt her dad’s heart! There are four modes in the game – Dad Battle, Tutorial, Bopeebo, and Fresh. For example, the mode Bopeebo is a dance battle against the devil himself – he is here to kidnap your beloved girlfriend, so you will never see her again. However, it is nothing comparing to Dad Battle – a fight against her daddy, who used to be a rock star when he was young.
When you find yourself in front of the girl’s dad, you are expected to master the rhythm, catch the melody, and sing the song right from your heart. This will impress them both – a girl and an Evil Dad. Follow the directional arrows on the screen – they look pretty much the same as those from Dance Dance Revolution game. When you progress, the tempo grows and the combos become more complicated to repeat. The time has come to abandon yourself to the music and enjoy the most engaging rhythms you have ever seen! Have fun and win the girl’s heart as well as her dad’s recognition!

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47 Stars
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