Friday Night Funk

Friday Night Funk is an energetic rhythm game that encourages you to show your best moves and beat your rivals in the tough rap battle. The game’s plot is centered around a pair of lovers – they are called Boyfriend and Girlfriend. You are going to play for the male character – he has blue hair, wears fancy hip hop clothes and accessories, and writes music. His Girlfriend is a pretty young lady in a red dress and heels. She supports the guy during all the musical challenges he has to go through.
The game starts when you visit your Girlfriend one Friday night. You planned a calm romantic evening together, but your dreams were ruined by a sudden event – her parents came back home. Now you must face the Dad, her father, and he is here to test if you are a good candidate for his daughter. The Dad used to be a rock musician when he was young, so he knows something about grove, rhythm, and rhymes. Press the right buttons when the flying errors reach their spots and don’t miss too many of them or you will lose. There are more rivals to meet – demons, other rappers, and more. If you are not very good at Friday Night Funkin, don’t forget to pass a number training levels with your Girlfriend – she will help you sharpen your skills in the training room.
The game includes original soundtracks for every level, interesting characters, and growing level of complexity, so be ready for a challenge! Match the arrows and listen to the music carefully – they reach the spot at the particular moments of the song, the most suitable for moves. You will have to drop some cool lines and amaze everyone with your rapping art. The game is available for free on our website, so you can start playing it right now – the online version is waiting for you. Have fun and prove that you are the most talented blue-haired rapper in the neighborhood!

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65 Stars
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