FNF Character Test Playground Remake 4

Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground Remake 4 is a free mod that lets you add and test different characters in FNF on Android devices. This is the fourth improved version with which you can test the voices and animations of more than 20 different heroes available in the game. Here you can play both as the official and other characters from the most popular mods. From now on, it’s not only Boyfriend that will be the star of the stage, but also plenty of other fascinating guys, and girls, and creatures of unknown origin that are all playable!

This app will bring a lot of novelties and interesting content to your FNF routine, greatly enriching the game. The modification will allow you to carefully study the characters and their details. Here you can also customize the background by choosing an option from the list provided. The performance may be happening on stage as well as in the street or on some other location. Now you don’t have to stick with the same night club every day! In addition to the new ones, there are several backgrounds available from the official weeks of the game.

Another benefit of Friday Night Funkin Character Test Playground Remake 4 is the ability to change the song playing during the match. You can pick something according to your taste and mood. There are plenty of tracks that you’ve already heard before in various FNF mods and the custom gameplay, but you can also upload your own music. Isn’t it just wonderful? You will also have the opportunity to independently adjust the pitch of the characters’ voices. It will be very interesting as the songs will sound completely new. You can make the pitch higher or lower, and also either speed the track up or slow it down.

Right now, this is one of the most popular Friday Night Funkin mods that will incredibly diversify your game. Thanks to this add-on, you will be able to relive the old gaming experience and surprise all your friends. Besides, you can learn more about the characters, including those from the other mods, which will definitely help you beat them when you will be playing against them in other versions of the game. Or maybe you’re simply a fan of one particular hero and always wanted to perform in their shoes? Anyway, you will surely enjoy these new emotions and, just like always, it’s going to be a great Friday night dedicated to music and fun!

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