Friday Night Funkin

It’s Friday, which means that the time has come to join a funky party! You planned to spend this amazing evening with your girlfriend. So you came to her place, nobody was at home, except the two of you, it was extremely romantic. However, at some moment, the door opened all of a sudden! It was her dad! He came back without warning anyone and that was a real surprise for all of you! A pretty nasty surprise, we must admit. The situation is spicy and you are feeling a bit uneasy, but there is one thing you can to fix it. As a great dancer, you can show a couple of amazing moves to your girl’s dad and impress him. We bet that he won’t be angry at such a cool dancer and rapper! We know that you like both, right? Then get in – a great amount of amazing tracks are waiting for you to master them.
It is absolutely clear – fathers love their daughters so much that it is absolutely impossible for them to imagine their little flowers being with other men. Dads want to know that chosen guys are really perfect and their daughters are with the best people ever. Of course, proving that you are the one is almost impossible, but you should give it a try. Hear your heart beating loudly and your legs moving fast – this is one of the most significant Friday nights in your life! Turn the music on and don’t you stop dancing until your girl’s dad admires you as her future husband.
The game will remind you of a famous Pump It Up or DDR game – you hear the music and see the colorful arrows on the screen. The objective is to make the right moves when particular arrows fly. Do that timely and accurately. You will only win the game if your timing is great. The dad will compete with you, trying to prove that he is a better dancer – if you fail to out-dance him, then you risk to lose your beloved lady! Or at least make her daddy hate you till the rest of your days. Move like a star, learn some cool stunts, feel the rhythm, and dedicate your best dance to the lady of your dream. When the battle starts, your opponent will choose the melody and you are going to follow the flying arrows to pass the level. There are numerous songs and dances to accomplish! Press the directional buttons on your keyboard and show how great you are when the disco time comes! This is going to be a really hot Friday’s night – a rapping and dancing contest is a real challenge, but an incredible entertainment, as well. Will you beat the Evil Dad and become the only price for your beloved lady? Play the game, do your best, and win!

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