Friday Night Funkin 2

The battle for the heart of your girlfriend goes on, because here comes the second part of Friday Night Funkin! Another Friday night and another rap battle with your girlfriend’s daddy – this is going to be something really challenging! So, again, you are caught at her bedroom and her dad wants to know if you are a worthy man for his little princess. There are two things you can do perfectly – rapping and dancing. Luckily, you are not the only one to catch that Friday groove, since her dad is also a cool rapper. You must prove that your lines are punchy and your feeling of the rhythm is ideal. Are you ready for a challenge like that? Then let the music play! Grab the mic and start!
The game is a rhythm adventure, which means that your blue-haired character (he is called Boyfriend) will compete with his girl’s dad (they are called Girlfriend and Dad accordingly). The arrows will fly on the screen – they show different directions and have different colors. You are going to use the arrow controls on your keyboard to hit them. Make sure to press the right arrows at the perfect moments and don’t miss them if you can. The outcome of every match depends on you – the better you react on the arrows and the more precisely you push them, the better results you get. Have fun and outplay the dad, while enjoying amazing melodies and having fun. In the second part, you will find even more cool melodies and levels to accomplish. Show your best moves and skills in Friday Night Funkin!
If you have ever played Asian dancing games, you will definitely recall them in memory after launching this cool game. It is pretty similar to the well-known DDR, but you play with your fingers, not your legs! Still, the game is impressive and really nice – it is active, dynamic, and stylish. The characters are drawn in the appealing cartoonish style a bit similar to manga. Also, they are dressed really cool and look realty nice! For example, a playable character has blue hair and a hip-hop costume. Stand against the Evil Dad at this funky Friday night, impress him, and sing a beautiful love song to your lady – she will appreciate it a lot! Do your best to become the best rapper in the history!

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58 Stars
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