FNF vs Huggy Wuggy (Poppy Playtime)

You already know that every time you return to have some fun in Friday Night Funkin, a new opponent is already waiting for you. You never know whether he is going to be kind or not, pretty or ugly. This time a surprise awaits you – Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime decided to test you for strength. Terrifying, right? You have already dealt with quite insidious opponents, and some of them were downright dangerous. But this monster has overshadowed all your previous experience. To understand this, it is enough to look at him – a huge shaggy monster with a menacing grin. It is important to know that this smile is very misleading, this new character is not friendly at all and will use all his tricks to defeat Boyfriend. The music in this mod fully matches the Halloween atmosphere – it is more than spooky. These sounds only add gloominess to the environment. Will Boyfriend have enough courage to successfully go through this trial? With your help, the main hero can do anything. So do your best to concentrate your attention on the rhythm and follow it without fail. Coordinate the hero’s movements using arrows above his head and make sure you keep the progress bar green until the song is over. Good luck!

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75 Stars
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