Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sonic.EXE

You never know whom you will meet in the next mod of Friday Night Funkin. In most cases, it is a complete surprise for this musical series fans. But some opponents do not take their failures easy and keep returning to take revenge of Boyfriend. You may have guessed who is back in this mod. Yes, it is a lovely hedgehog known as Sonic. But wait, he does not seem so friendly as we used to know him from the original game where he is a main character. What happened now? We see a really scary creature with demonic nature. The pretty animal has completely transformed into somebody really evil and now he is called Sonix.EXE! Unfortunately, Boyfriend will not avoid a coming rap battle with this opponent. The only way to come down this spooky opponent is to win this music challenge.
The mod has been created in a very gloomy atmosphere to fully match the appearance of Sonic.EXE. But Boyfriend is ready for everything as he really wants to save his relationship with Girlfriend. So he pulls himself together and bravely heads to the music arena. But you can see that the forces are very unequal, and your help will be very useful now. Surely you know well what to do – help Boyfriend catch the rhythm of new songs. For this, you have to play with the arrows, pressing these simultaneously with the music beats. Take some training before a duel to enhance your skills. You cannot make too many mistakes as you will lose this contest. The first song is not too difficult, and successful performance will unlock secret codes to the following tracks. But every next song is a real challenge. Besides, the opponent starts changing its skins making the battle really frightening. So, support Boyfriend in this uneasy mod and do your best to defeat evil Sonic.EXE as you have done with other enemies in previous mods.

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