Friday Night Funkin Girlfriend

One of the main Friday Night Funkin character is the Girlfriend, a beloved lady of the Boyfriend. He is totally in love with her and meets her at her house when Mom and Daddy Dearest leave the house. However, as you may already know, Dad will come back pretty soon. So, the Girlfriend is a pretty brunette in a red mini dress and shoes on high heels. She has long disheveled red-brown hair, long eye-lashes, and cute smiling look on her face. She is young, her skin is white, and her she always keeps her legs crossed. It seems like she likes the red color a lot – not only all of her clothes are red, but also she paints her nails with the red varnish. During the game process, she mostly sits on the huge speakers and bops her head along the soundtracks. She will smile to you and cheer you up to inspire you during the rap battle.
If you open the tutorial mode, the Girlfriend will teach you to play and help you make the right combos. She will continue supporting you during the game levels, tracking how you perform and which combos you make. When the Christmas time comes, the Girlfriend’s dress changes a bit – she puts a white soft collar on, red gloves, and high stockings. Also, she puts on Christmas-themed ear-rings – small jingle bells. And her speakers are decorated with colorful lights. During the last week of the game, she becomes pixel-styled. Her hair changes a bit – it is totally brown, without a habitual red shade. The Girlfriend likes drinking Cherry Doctor Pepper. When you make good moves, the Girlfriend will look happy. However, when you fail to hit the right arrows on time, she will get upset for a while. When the Week 2 stage comes, the Girlfriend feels a bit anxious – the bad weather is outside the window and she is afraid of thunder, so she will react lively and fearfully whenever she hears the sound.

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