FNF Character Test Playground Remake 5

If you are a fan of Friday Night Funkin, you’ll definitely be thrilled to play this game! Here you can test any of the characters you can meet in the whole FNF series and see what they are capable of. Each of the hero has their own peculiarities, week and strong sides. You can find all that out playing FNF Character Test Playground Remake 5!

Why exactly do you need it? First of all, it’s simply fun. As a rule, you can only play as Boyfriend and the rest of the characters are your opponents. But what if you actually want to play as Daddy Dearest, Senpai or any other hero? This is possible here. You just need to choose the character you like and click on them to make them perform. You can hear all the peculiar sounds they make and check out their songs.

And now as to the practical benefit – you can actually figure out how to play against this particular opponent before going into a rap battle with them. Some of the rivals are pretty easy to defeat, but some will make you sweat. You need to know who you are going to fight against to win. Here you will also find remakes of familiar tunes especially if you already played quite a bit of Friday Night Funkin mods!

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