Friday night and we’re ready to party! However, this evening is going to be different from all of your Fridays. Unlike calm and relaxed evenings, this time you will face the real challenge. You and your girlfriend were having a good time together, listening to the music and enjoying beats. The romantic atmosphere has broken in a moment – her dad came back home. Still, the party goes on, only now you will experience a brand new format. The Dad (that’s how he is called) wants to test you, so he challenges you for a rap battle. The Girlfriend will observe the event and cheer you up – she wants you to win this word struggle!
So the game encourages you to follow the rhythm of the song and match the beats. You sing and dance, dropping the lines and making cool stunts at the right moments. The arrows flying on the screen will suggest the moments to press the buttons – don’t you miss them! The better you perform, the more chances you have to win this incredibly hot struggle! The game is divided into levels or Weeks – each has a theme song. You will stand against the girl’s father as well as a creepy monster that appears episodically in one of the game levels. This level is absent in the linear plot of the game, so you need to launch it manually. The battle with a man-eating demon is not completed by the developer and it has minor glitches.
The full version of the game can be played for free on our website – launch on your computer or any of your mobile devices. Play for a funny blue-haired rapper, willing to conquer his Girlfriend’s heart and prove that he is the best candidate for her. If you have difficulties with combos and overall gameplay, you can enter a training room and learn some cool moves. All soundtracks are original and groovy, so enjoy Friday Night Funkin and party like never before!

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