Friday Night Funkin Vs Bunzo Bunny

This new mod will bring a new toy from Poppy Playtime to participate in a rap battle against Boyfriend. The hero has already met several personages from this horror game and is well aware that all of them are very malicious despite friendly-looking appearance. This time, you will face Bunzo Bunny from the second chapter of the toy factory series. Do not be misled by his funny look – this is just a small rabbit dressed in a green overall. At first glance, he seems to be quite innocent, clapping in cymbals. But be careful – no one from that malicious factory can be trusted! So as you have already understood, this time, the confrontation will be between Boyfriend and this antagonist. Bunzo Bunny was the main character of the Musical Memory mini-game. He knows everything about music and rhythm and it poses a real threat to the FNF hero. There is only one soundtrack in this mod but it is extremely difficult! Now your help is desperately needed – only you can give a hand to Boyfriend and coordinate all his moves so that these full sync with the music beats. Try not to make mistakes as these will immediately give an advantage to your opponent. Watch your progress bar – it needs to main green!

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