FNF Squid Game

Have you ever wondered why Friday Night Funkin managed to collect thousands of fans in such a short period of time? Players love it because there is always the opportunity to play a new story. Developers do not stop work on different mods that allow users to live through new thrilling adventures with Boyfriend and Girlfriend. And this mod is exactly the case when you will be taken aback. Surely, you have heard about the Squid plot. You either watched the film or played the game with the same name. And not this story is already in your favorite music series? Horrified? Yes, the main FNF characters are going through a real challenge as Boyfriend will have to confront the soldiers, armed to the teeth.
These frightening opponents are wearing red suits and hold weapons in their hands. And the main hero has only a microphone. Can you imagine a cheerful music performance in such a company? But unfortunately, Boyfriend has no choice, if he does not want to lose his beloved Girlfriend. And it is only you who can lend a hand to the poor guy. If you participated in rap battles earlier, it will be hard to confuse you. All the rules remain the same – all you need to do is to flawlessly catch the song rhythm. But it is too early to relax – all the music is not familiar to you. But still try to avoid wrong notes as every mistake matters. You will see a progress bar on the screen, and you must do all in your power to keep it green. Despite the tense atmosphere, the songs are not very difficult in this mod. And you have all chances to win if you think well what arrow to press and do not do it randomly. Take a microphone, switch on the music and start dancing. You will immediately see that your excellent performance will neutralize even the most dangerous soldiers. Start the fun to enjoy the very moment of it!

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