FNF VS Bunzo Bunny Mommy Long Legs

A new ultimate battle is waiting for you in the FNF universe! This time Boyfriend will go through blood-chilling jumpscares as his new opponents will come directly from the notorious Playtime toy factory. These are Mommy Long Legs and Bunzo Bunny! Have you ever played that horror game? Then you know that Mommy Long Legs is a cartoon-looking spider who is going to challenge the hero to a dancing arena for a new rap battle. She plans to defeat Boyfriend in this confrontation and then use her web to wrap the poor boy with it. But the worst news is that this treacherous toy is not alone in this mod. She will appear with an assistant! It will be Buzo Bunny, a secondary antagonist from Poppy Playtime. It is a funny-looking rabbit, wearing a green overall and holding cymbals in his hands. In the original game, he appears in the mini-game known as Musical Memory. So you can guess that little character is well-versed in music and you will be right. Boyfriend is risking to lose this round if he makes the slightest mistake. But we cannot afford it to happen as he will also lose his Girlfriend in this case. If you are a fan of the FNF series, you know well what to is needed now. You should support Boyfriend during this dancing challenge and watch carefully for him to move synchronically to the music. This will happen only if you are smart enough and press the correct colors on the screen in time and to the rhythm! Do not ignore your progress bar – wrong moves will take your energy and it will turn red. Make sure you dance to the beats and keep it green till the very last chord!

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