Friday Night Funkin Monster

Monster is the name of the track that was not included in the original version of the Friday Night Funkin game. This song belongs to Lemon Demon, an unfinished character. When he comes to the Girlfriend with a desire to eat her, he is meant to sing this song. The lyrics suggest that he is a man-eater and wants to gulp them both – Girlfriend and her Boyfriend. The words are pretty spooky – they tell about werewolves, blood, dark nights, and men-eating. The track is not officially included, but you can still hear and even play along it in the Debug Menu of the game. You need to open the week/song modes and press 7 on your keyboard. Enter the debug menu and choose Song setting. Choose the Monster song in the menu and press Reload JSON button. Wait for a while and then press Enter to start.
The song is complete, but the Monster character is incomplete – he has broken animation. Also, the camera moves wrongly and then stops during the level and never moves again. What is more, this level has a single difficulty rate that cannot be changed. When you deal with the level, you will come back to the main menu. However, the won scores will be added to your in-game results. This song is hard to call the part of the game, but you can always launch it separately and enjoy rapping with the Lemon Demon on our website. This one is hard to call a part of the overall story, but fighting with the demon might be even less challenging than impressing your girlfriend’s dad, right? So you may want to play this song to get more content and compare these levels.
While this song is full of errors, it is not always possible to play it in the game – sometimes, it shows a crash and doesn’t launch the level. You can play the Monster in the online version of the game on our website – just followed the simple instructions described above. You will meet the lemon-head monster and try to beat him like a real rapper! Save your girlfriend from a violent demon!

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