Newgrounds presents a cool rhythm game that will make every music fan excited. This is a perfect entertainment to kill time and improve your music skills. You will follow the melodies and try to match the right notes at the right time. As such, your successful moves will bring you scores and help you win the battle… against the dad of your girlfriend! Sounds appealing enough to give it a try, do you agree? Then jump into the game and prepare for a really hot Friday Night Funkin.
So, this is how the story looks like. You are a young boy, being in love with a very beautiful girl. She is fond of music and so are you. One evening, you decided to visit her and have a party – you want to enjoy cool tracks together, relax, chat, and have all of those romantic atmosphere pleasures. However, it turns out that you won’t spend this evening calmly! A relaxed romantic party turns into a severe rap battle at the moment when her dad comes back home. Oops! You were not prepared for a twist like that. Her dad is progressive and he is not going to get mad at you. Still, like any other dad, he is not sure that you are good enough for his amazing daughter. You are going to prove that. He doesn’t care about your career plans, studying, or parents’ status – just show him that you are a cool rapper, able to handle his flex.
The game encourages you to rap against the dad of your beloved lady. There are six weeks – six levels – to accomplish. Each of them has its own track, which means that your new rapping experience will be unique. The speed of the game will increase with every new level pass. This means that you have to get used to the gameplay and train your reactions as well as your ears – grow and win all the levels! Try other modes of the game, especially a training room that will help you sharpen your dancing and singing skills.

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12 Stars
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