Friday Night Funkin 2021

Dance like a star and rap like a cool hip hop singer in Friday Night Funkin! This is the freshest version of the game, which means that you will enjoy access to numerous new songs, rhythms, and levels. Are you ready to accomplish a great deal of funny and enjoyable music levels? Then here you go – the Friday Night Funkin is waiting for you over here. When you start the game, the story develops rapidly. You will find yourself in the epicenter of a tickly event – one beautiful Friday night, you visited your beloved girlfriend. She was home alone, bored, and lonely. The two of you decided to have a nice Friday party and get funky! But, unfortunately, another person joined you – her dad.
When the door opened, your heart started beating faster. The girl’s dad entered the room and, like any other dad, he was not very pleased to see you there. It’s true that every father doesn’t really like his daughter’s boyfriends – they are never good enough for him. However, you are here to dare and prove that you are the best candidate. How would you do that? Well, it is Friday, so you will continue partying. Show the dad that you can party like no other boyfriend and what is more – you are a talented rapper and dancer. By the way, he is a star himself – when he was young, he used to be a real party monster and a rock musician. The dad still has the grove and he remembers the days of his youth perfectly! He challenges you for a musical battle, so you are here to prove your superiority – a creative superiority!
Here is how the game process looks like. The dad starts singing a song along the rhythm – line by line, note by note. You must admit that he is rather cool. When he is done with a song fragment, you should repeat the same rhythm and follow his lines. The game will display a field where the arrows are flying from the bottom of the screen. At some moment, particular arrows will hit the places where you must react. Press the right buttons on your keyboard at the right moments to catch those rhythmic moves. There is a line with small avatars at the lower part of the screen. The avatars move and push the opponent’s icon regarding the scores you receive. When you manage to overcome the dad, your icon will move him to the left. The task is to push it over the edge and therefore – win the rap battle. You need to follow the melody and move perfectly to cover all songs singed by the girl’s dad. Make him impressed and devote your ballads and love songs to a girl you love! She will adore you even more!

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60 Stars
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