Friday Night Funkin Vs Tails.EXE

Do you know Tails? This character comes from the famous serious about Sonic the Hedgehog and it is a fox. But why does he have such a strange name? This hero was created with two tails, and this feature fully explains the funny nickname. But bad spells affected not only Sonic but also Tails, turning him into an aggressive and dangerous creature. Now, Tails.Exe will become a new opponent of Boyfriend from FNF. But just have a look at his eyes! These turned into black holes with drops of blood dripping down. It is scary enough to even look at this creepypasta personage. Boyfriend seems to be in trouble. And he risks both Girlfriend and his life if you do not rush to help him. You should rescue him! There are four new songs in this mod – all of them are as spooky as a new opponent. You know what can save Boyfriend now – he must win this dreadful duel to escape the unfortunate development of the events. So help him dance to the rhythm! For this, do your best to catch every single beat in the song and press the arrows to match it. If you are not sure you will defeat the enemy from the first try – go through some training in free play mode. You need to prepare well for the coming fight to become a winner again!

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