Friday Night Funkin Mods

If you have already played your favorite game for a thousand of times, but the new chapter doesn’t show up, then we have an idea for you. When waiting for a brand new part of Friday Night Funkin, try playing mods! There is a huge amount of funny and interesting versions created by fans as well as the original game developer. Each of them brings something new to your funky playing experience. And now, we are going to discuss the most impressive and appealing mods for Friday Night Funkin – we bet that you will be surprised and inspired by these ideas!
When you have been playing the original version, we bet that you thought: “Hey, what about a gender swap version? What if everything is vice versa and a girl appears in the shoes of the main character?” Well, girls can do some rapping, as well. So there is a cool mod, where you will meet the female version of the blue-haired rapper and sing your songs along the amazing melodies! Great for all fans, especially – the young ladies. Also, there are more replacing modes. Think for a while – who is the most popular character with blue hair? Here are the tips: she wears two cute pony tails and sings beautifully. Yes, you are right, this is the most famous Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku! And, yes, there is a mod that features her as a main character. You can replace a protagonist, as well as an antagonist of the game. Interesting thing – there is such an option right in the original version of the game. If you are used to launch the classical mod Dad Battle, then don’t miss another adventure – Bopeebo! In this mod, you are going to stand against the demon who tries to steal your girlfriend take her away from you.
In general, mods are great and they make your experience better, while the game becomes more interesting and rich. Additional content is the right thing for everyone looking for continuation of the adventures! Do your best rapping and dancing against the opponents – they can be anyone from your girlfriend’s dad to devil! The mods will add more options and make your playing experience even brighter, so don’t miss them!

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