Friday Night Funkin Poppy Playtime

One of the things we love so much about Friday Night Funkin is that whenever there is a new game coming out, we can almost instantly find a mod that introduces new characters to this wonderful rhythm-based arcade. And Poppy Playtime is no exception. Tonight Boyfriend and Girlfriend will meet a new opponent to battle against on stage. This is a blue toy monster called Huggy Wuggy. And maybe he is not so friendly as he seems!

Just like in the original game and all the other mods, you will have to outperform him in a rap battle by pressing arrows in time with the song. Depending on the difficulty level you choose, the rhythm may go slower or faster. It may be very simple or extremely hard challenging you to press a lot of different buttons in a short time. Anyway, you have to hold out for three rounds. And that won’t be simple because your fingers will get tired and you will start making more and more mistakes. So don’t relax!

There will be both a progress bar and a health bar at the bottom of the screen. They will help you figure out how many points you have scored so far and how much health you have left. Points are awarded for hitting the notes correctly while health level is diminished when you miss a note. You also have to keep an eye on the progress of your opponent. The whole battle is designed in a vibrant and colorful style, the characters look cartoonish and cute, and you will definitely be excited by the gameplay!

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