Friday Night Funkin Coryxkenshin Mod

Those in love with music shouldn’t go past a game like Friday Night Funkin. Based on the principles of regular music arcades where you need to hit the buttons in time with the beat of the song and earn points, it also introduces charming characters and tells a gripping love story. And that’s something that makes it not only addicting, but also dear to your hearts. Say nothing of the variety of mods that have been released for this game. Each mod features new songs and new characters adding another brick to the world of FNF. And here is yet another version of this amazing game where you will meet none other than Coryxkenshin, a gamer from YouTube!

The goal of the game has remained the same – you have to battle various opponents on stage to a series of songs that are different in tempo and rhythm. Depending on the difficulty level you choose, they can be either slow and easy or fast and complicated. Anyway, you have to do your best and press the buttons together with the notes of the song. That will affect the number of points you will earn in the end. Each battle lasts for three rounds, so if you didn’t perform that well in the first one, you can catch up in the next.

As you play this game, you will find your sense of rhythm improve and you will differentiate fine subtleties of the music you’re listening to more accurately. Good reflexes are a must to succeed because in some fragments of the track you will have to press the buttons rather fast. And you will also have to coordinate the movements of your fingers with the direction of arrows on the screen showing what buttons to push. So yes, despite its seeming simplicity, FNF is not such an easy game to play. Try the new Friday Night Funkin Coryxkenshin Mod right now and have fun!

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