Friday Night Funkin Game Play Online For Free

Friday Night Funkin will immerse you into the atmosphere of an amazing party, but with one tricky element. The game plot looks like this. You play for the blue-haired guy, called Boyfriend. He is a rapper and a real fan of music. He has a lady, she is called Girlfriend (surprise!). The girl invites him to her house when the Dad and Mom (yes, these are the names) leave. Both are hoping to have a good time together, like listening to the music, of course. And they will listen to the music, but their plans will change a bit. Instead of a cozy evening together, they will become a part of a rap tournament. Here is why: the girl’s Dad comes back home all of a sudden. When he sees Boyfriend, he becomes a bit angry – he is not sure that this guy is the best choice for his daughter, even though he is a nice boy. No, he is not going to punish anyone or make a scandal – the Dad is fond of music himself and finds Friday the best time for groove. So he challenges the boy for a rap battle.

When the Dad starts rapping, he shows you the moves and drops cool lines. The idea is to repeat his moves perfectly. To do that, you will have to follow the rhythm of the game and track the flying arrows that hit a concrete spot at a time. When this happens, you must press the right arrows on your keyboard – don’t miss the moment and make sure that you do that rightly. The melody on the background will help you move just perfectly, so listen carefully and lose yourself to the music! The game consists of several levels called Weeks. Each of the Weeks presents a new challenge and a fresh track to master. The level of complexity will increase, as well as the speed of the moving arrows. The arrows and the principle as a whole is pretty much the same to DDR. If you have experience of dancing games, then this one will feel naturally for you. However, if you are not experienced in the rhythm entertainments, make sure to start your party with a training room. This is a mode of the game where you and your Girlfriend will communicate in the safe and calm place. She will help you master the moves and combos, tracking your results and helping you become a better dancer and singer. When you play successfully and gain more scores than your opponent, the chances to win the round ground. To track your current progress, you should look at the bottom of the screen. There you will see a bar with two icons – yours and Dad’s. When one of you makes cool combos and gains scores, his icon moves and pushes the opponent. On the contrary, when you fail to hit the arrow, your icon moves closer to the edge. The icon that gets too close to the edge and crosses it marks the loser, so make sure you don’t miss-click too many arrows!
On our website, you are going to find the original version of the game, as well as all the existing parts of it. There are also cool mods, descriptions of characters, and mobile version of the game. We have prepared the game for two, which is a pretty exclusive installation of Friday Night Funkin. We welcome you to try all the cool titles and their modifications right here and right now! For your convenience, we have gathered them all in one section. The best thing – all of our games are absolutely free. They can be launched online and there are no limits or blocks possible. Enjoy Friday Night Funkin and let the party start now!

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